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Race in a nutshell: 5th June, 2010
Position IRC: Race 6 - 6th / Race 7 - 7th
Total Entries: 10
Distance: 8.0 nm. x 2
Max Speed: 11.2 knots
Ave speed: 5.7 knots
Weather Forecast: Clear. Wind West NE 4 knots. Temp 21C
Weather Actual: Wind was W 5 to 10 knots - backing to SW. Temp 17C.
Course: Triangles x 2 with a downwind finish. PORT Roundings.
Seas: Flat with long period swell of 2.5m
Sails: Full Main (Quantum), No.1 Genoa (Quantum), A2 Masthead Asymmetric Spinnaker (North),
R1 Spinnaker (Quantum)
Crew: Trygve Roberts (Helm), Charles Crosby (Genoa/Spinnaker), Waldo Zevenster (Main), Simon Penso (Pit), Joshua Banks (Mast & Bow) - Total: 420 kg

After the very poor turnout last month in the IRC fleet, I decided to get involved and volunteered to help get the IRC back on track. I had a few ideas and not all of them met with the approval of the IRC race committee, but in the end they capitulated and saw good reason for what I was trying to achieve. In essence, the real problem was simply a lack of communication. The boat owners all had gripes to a greater or lesser degree – some were real, some were imagined and some were self inflicted, but at least they now have a channel where someone with empathy can listen to them and be sort of champion for the boat owners. It took just three round robin emails to get things back on track. It was heartening to see 10 boats pitch for racing – and that on a day of rugby test match and very little breeze!

The whole week the weather forecasts had indicated just about zero wind and most of us went out onto the bay not really expecting to race. A light westerly kissed the bay and steadied out at around 5 knots, much to everyone's surprise. The start was postponed by half an hour as the RO set the course. The breeze was slowly backing around to the west, which left us with a one sided beat and a very tight reach, followed by a dead run. The course was supposed to have been a single medium distance race, but due to the very light wind forecast, we all felt it to be too risky and opted for two triangular races, which turned out to be a wise decision. We were short of one crew member, but decided not to bother about a replacement due to the light wind forecast

The first race kicked off at around 13h30 on a long start line with some port bias. By now we know to keep clear of the big boats, so we worked our way towards the pin end, but found ourselves rapidly entering the ‘trouble zone'. Charles spotted a nice gap behind us, so with 30 seconds to go, we put in a nice gybe and tacked to lee of Addis going fast and right on the line on starboard as the gun went. In front of us there was a bun fight of note, with Lobelia and Gumption both being over the line. We tacked onto port exactly on the gun and pulled off one of the best starts of the year, accelerating quickly to the front of the fleet. We were the boat furthest offshore, with Corum upwind of us taking the same route but pointing a good 6 or 7 degrees higher than we could. We rounded 5 th at the weather mark. The beat had been one sided (mainly port tack), which meant we were in for a fairly tight reach. We had rigged our A2 spinnaker and struggled to hold the course to the gybe mark (as did most boats). Our speed never went much over 8 knots and we didn't gain much on those ahead either.


After the gybe mark, it was essentially a square run down to the lee mark, so we worked the angles as best we could and did a very good Mexican drop and mark rounding. On the next upwind leg, we sent Josh down to switch to the R1 kite, which also proved to be a handful, as we only just managed to keep it full and the boat on course. We crossed the line about a minute behind Addis and well ahead of the Fast 42 Maestro as well as the 37ft Cape Storm (Pacer 376). It had been a fairly good race for us with good boat handling and no mistakes.


The second race was started promptly after the last boat crossed the line. Again we opted for our ‘protective starting strategy' which worked like a charm. This time we gybed with about 15 seconds to go and crossed the line on port going fast. At that stage the wind had shifted around to the west even more and it only required a short hitch on starboard to get onto the layline. It became a bit of a soldiers course with Gumption leading the way. This time we found ourselves rounding two positions lower and could not hold a spinnaker at all on the reach due to the very tight angle, so we barber hauled the genoa outboard and seemed to make the same speed as we had the previous round with the kite up. Once around the gybe mark, we hoisted and worked the angles downwind to cross behind Cape Storm .

Two enjoyable races in fair breeze and good sailing conditions.


1 Corum Briand 43 SA969 J Reuvers Dale Kushner 1.13 144555 00:50:55 00:57:32 6.717 kn
2 Addis Archambault 35 FRA34635 A Monat A Monat 1.037 145050 00:55:50 00:57:54 6.125 kn
3 Lobelia IMX40 SA2700 G Kling R Meek 1.084 144829 00:53:29 00:57:59 6.395 kn
4 Hors D Oeuvre L26 44 P Bam P Bam 0.866 150248 01:07:48 00:58:43 5.044 kn 4
5 New Balance Gumption Fast 40 SA4444 N Mace M Sadler 1.194 144438 00:49:38 00:59:16 6.891 kn
6 Regent Express Pacer 27 S 17 T Roberts T Roberts 1.044 145256 00:57:56 01:00:29 5.903 kn
7 Maestro Fast 42 SA3444 A Roux P Van Ass 1.088 145411 00:59:11 01:04:23 5.779 kn
8 Cape Storm Pacer 376 Mod SA3901 S Cumming S Cumming 1.098 145432 00:59:32 01:05:22 5.745 kn
9 Mafuta Bavaria 36 SA3455 M Lourens M Lourens 0.962 150315 01:08:15 01:05:39 5.011

1 Addis in Cape Archambault 35 FRA34635 A Monat 1.037 155718 00:42:18 00:43:52 8.085 kn
2 Lobelia IMX40 SA2700 G Kling R Meek 1.084 155533 00:40:33 00:43:57 8.434 kn
3 Hors D Oeuvre L26 44 P Bam 0.866 160602 00:51:02 00:44:12 6.702 kn
4 Corum Briand 43 SA969 J Reuvers 1.13 155419 00:39:19 00:44:26 8.699 kn
5 Gumption Fast 40 SA4444 N Mace M Sadler 1.194 155213 00:37:13 00:44:26 9.189 kn
6 Mafuta Bavaria 36 SA3455 M Lourens 0.962 160233 00:47:33 00:45:45 7.192 kn
7 Regent Express Pacer 27 S 17 T Roberts 1.044 155857 00:43:57 00:45:53 7.782 kn
8 Maestro Fast 42 SA3444 A Roux P Van Ass 1.088 155735 00:42:35 00:46:20 8.031 kn
9 Cape Storm Pacer 376 SA3901 S Cumming 1.098 155750 00:42:50 00:47:02 7.984 kn