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Audi Twilight Series Race 4.

Last updated on 10 February 2010

Race in a nutshell:
Position IRC: 6th from 15 
Total Entries: 52 
Distance: 14.0nm. 
Max Speed: 17.3 knots 
Ave speed: 6.6 knots 
Weather Forecast: Clear. Wind South West 15 knots. Temp 23C 
Weather Actual: Wind was 25 knots SE - gusty. 
Course: 10 (P) – Paarden (P) - Milnerton (P) - Paarden island (P) - Milnerton (P) - Paarden Island (S) - #8(P) - #10 (P) 
Seas: Flat with long period swell of 1.5m 
Sails: Full Main (North), No. 2 Genoa (North), R1 Asymmetric Spinnaker. (Quantum) 
Crew: Trygve Roberts (Helm), Charles Crosby (Main), Greg Harrowsmith (Genoa), Phillip Rentschler(Pit), Daniel Spratley (Mast) Simon Penso (Bow), Total: 505 kg 

Regent Express ripping down table Bay in a strong South Easterly

A rather shifty and unusual south easterly swept over the bay just before 17h00 which prompted Charles to call for the #2 Jib as the headsail of choice. We stuck with the trusty R1 as the spinnaker for the day. 

We had a good start but in typical fashion, we collected dirties from the bigger, faster boats fairly soon, which affected our heading by a good 10 degrees. Despite that, we still managed to round the first mark without having to tack, but we were in the last group of boats, with the Beneteau sports boat rounding on our hip. 

Up went the kite and we quickly accellerated to 16 knots, rapidly overhauling many of the bigger boats ahead of us. We were having a problem staying on the rhumb line to Milnerton as we were overpowered in the gusts which meant soaking low, then trying to regain lost height. We rounded right up with the top 5 boats and started the long beat back to Paarden Island. As we cannot point as high as the 40 footers, we were forced to tack off onto starboard, towards the beach, where we also hoped to get into flatter water, but the next wave of Class 1 boats were all heading towards us on their first downwind leg. This caused lumpy water and wind shadows - most certainly not ideal conditions for us. We lost quite a bit of ground on the upwind leg, but to our surprise we were ahead of the Pacer 376 'Cape Storm' as well as the A35 'Addis". As a bonus we still had another two of those perfectly angled downwind reaches waiting for us. The wind had dropped a few knots as we rounded Paarden Island. 

The next reach produced even better results as we were able to hold the boat on the rhumb line. Again we made up a lot of ground as the boat sat well over 15 knots for most of the reach, peaking out at a maximum speed of 17,3 knots. 

We handled the second beat very differently, choosing to soak down away from the fleet into clean air and foot off for speed whilst sacrificing height. That seemed to pay off, as neither Addis nor Cape Storm managed to get ahead of us by the time we reached the Paarden Island mark. 

For the third reach down to the #8 mark, we were faced with the dilemma of a weather hoist, which can be quite dramatic in 25 knots, but we managed it sucessfully and soon we were romping down the wet avenue to No.8 at high speeds, rapidly catching up to the Fast 42 'Tenacity' 

The final short beat to the finish saw us over the line ahead of both Addis and Cape Storm. A much better race for us which netted us a 6th overall and missing 5th place by 6 seconds. To be fair this result is almost entirely due to wind angles which favoured the sports boats.


1st Gumption - Mark Sadler - ILC 40 - 1.17.45 
2nd Puma - Hylton Hale - Pacer 42R - 1.19.01 
3rd Windpower - Rick Nankin - Landmark 43 - 1.20.19 
4th 8 Seconds - Harry Brehm - L42 - 1.21.38 
5th Corum - Jannie Reuvers - PB43 - 1.21.58 
6th Regent Express - Trygve Roberts - Pacer 27 Sport - 1.22.04 
7th Lobelia - Rob Meek - IMX40 - 1.23.12 
8th Ballyhoo Too - Mumm 36 - Dave Hudson - 1.23.16 
9th Naledi - Felix Scheider-Bieschin - J120 - 1.23.31 
10th Addis - Alexander Monat - A35 -1.24.37 
11th Hors d'Ouvers - peter Bam - L26 -1.25.35 
12th Tenacity - Errol Stern - Fast 42 - 1.27.35 
13th Lapwing - Alan Keen - L34 - 1.28.46 
14th Warlock - Ian Slatem - L26 - 1.29.45 

15th Mafuta - M/Lourens - Bavaria36 - 1.34.50