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Audi IRC - Summer Series Race 2.

Last updated on 14 Oct 2009

Race in a nutshell:

Line: 8th 
Position IRC: 7th 
Total Entries: 13 
Distance: 7 nm. 
Max Speed: 9.8 knots 
Ave speed: 5.0 knots 
Weather Forecast: Cloudy. Wind NW 17 knots. Temp 19C 
Weather Actual: Cloudy. Wind SW 8 knots. Temp 17C 
Baro: 1009 hPa. 
Course: #10 (S) – #4 (S) – Leeward mark (S) x 3 loops – #10 (S) 
Seas: Fairly flat - small waves 0.3 m 
Sails: Full Main (North), No. 1 Fusion Genoa (Quantum), A1 Asymmetric Spinnaker. (Quantum) 
Crew: Trygve Roberts (Helm), Craig Latigan (Main), Greg Harrowsmith (Genoa), Phillip Rentschler (Pit), Daniel Spratley (Mast) Simon Penso (Bow), Total: 470 kg

Conditions appeared to be fairly breezy when we arrived at the club to rig, but by the time we got our starting hooter at 17h50 the breeze went right down to a lowly eight knots. Add that to a windward/leeward course and we have what I refer to as 'Pacers Folly' 

We hadn't been out sailing for a couple of weeks since the nationals so it was lovely just to be on the boat and sailing again. We had Craig Latigan (Pinky) from Quantum on board in Charles's place doing main trim and our newest, yougest, lightest crew-member, Daniel Spratley, filling in as mast man. Daniel is our latest aquisition and we can all already see he is tremendously talented and very comfortable on the foredeck. 

Our starting strategy just so happened to be very similar to nearly all the boats in the fleet and we found ourselves in the unhappy position of being sandwiched between a J120 and the Mumm 36. We managed to wriggle out of that lot into clean air and had a fairly good first beat rounding the top mark right amongst the top end of the fleet. 

The breeze was too light for us to plane no matter how hot we sailed down wind with only 8 knots showing on the log and occassionally going into the 9 knot range. All our gybes were good with no obvious errors. The scratch boat for us is 'Addis' (an A35) who give us 15 seconds an hour. As the race progressed we could feel the gap slowly stretching from 10 seconds to a minute by the last loop. We were certain they had given us a run for our money. We could not hold the Farr 40 Alladin either who ended up beating us by about 2 minutes. We know only too well that in breeze under 8 knots on a windward/leeward course we are not going to finish on the podium. 

Of course Windpower and Lobelia's failure to return after an OCS call got us a further two spots up the ladder. 

Despite the mediocre result, the sailing was heavenly and the sunset behind Lions Head quite exceptional. Simply great being out there! 

We have some good news in that the 2010 Pacer National Championships are coming to Cape Town - and soon as well. The event will be incorporated into the Mykonos Offshore Regatta from 18th to 20th February and will no doubt find favour with Pacer owners who have the promise of a 65 nautical mile downwind race in a south easter. Shweeeee.....It's bound to be fun. More details later.


1st Bally Hoo II Mumm 36 I Park Ross Rating 1.099 Time: 01:01:36 Ave 5.781 kn 
2nd 8 Seconds Leisure 42 H. Brehm Rating 1.094 Time 01:02:06 Ave 5.708 kn 
3rd New Balance Gumption ILC 40 N Mace Rating 1.187 Time 01:02:21 Ave 6.168 kn 
4th Puma Unleashed Pacer 42 R H. Hale Rating 1.188 Time 01:03:42 Ave 6.043 kn 
5th Addis in Cape Restaurant A 35 Archambault A. Monat Rating 1.036 Time 1:03:44 Ave 5.267 kn 
6th Aladdin Farr 40 B. Geiger Rating 1.03 Time 01:04:44 Ave 5.155 kn 
7th Regent Express Pacer 27 T Roberts Rating 1.032 Time 01:06:17 Ave 5.044 kn 
8th Tenacity Farr 40 E Stern Rating 1.113 Time 01:06:27 Ave 5.427 kn 
9th Naledi J120 F Scheder Bischen Rating 1.09 Time 01:07:44 Ave 5.215 kn 
10th JML L 26 M Bell Rating 0.868 DNC 
11th Lobelia IMX 40 G. Kling Rating 1.085 OCS 
12th Windpower Landmark 43 R. Nankin Rating 1.162 OCS