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Haul Out.

Last updated on 14 Oct 2009

Preparing for a national championship leaves several questions to be answered. One of them is "Is all this trouble worth it?" 

One gets sort of 'tuned in' to the pre regatta hype and then the big declutter operation inevitably starts. It is always an eye opener to see how much junk one collects on a boat in a year yes even on a racing boat! A whole room full of sailing paraphernalia has been stored in our attic at home as we systematically decluttered Regent Express, in the process removing absolutely every item not necessary to have on board for the Nationals in an attempt to get the boat as light as we can legally get it. 

There has been a frenzy of activity at the various sail lofts with new sails being built by Quantum, Hyde and North. These are healthy signs of a class in a phase of growth. 

Regent Express and Pacer 3 were both craned out and onto their trailers today at RCYC as the final travel arrangements are made to get crews and gear the 1600 km trip up to the Vaal. 

So what lies in waiting up there? For a start, much warmer weather (28C average) than we have been enduring in the Cape (15C average) and by all accounts and weather history, very light wind conditions with an average 30 year history for the month of September of only 7 knots. Having said that the last week has seen daily breeze around 15 knots. Of course 15 knots at 2000m ASL is quite different to 15 knots at the coast. 

Entries (typically) have been slow in coming in, but it is hoped that by the weekend 9 Pacer 27's will make an appearance at DAC next week.