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Club Racing Winter Series

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Race in a nutshell: 24th July, 2010

Position Class 1: 2nd
Position Overall: 5th
Total Entries: 20
Distance: 10.2 nm.
Max Speed: 10.5 knots
Ave speed: 4.4 knots
Weather Forecast: Cloudy, no rain. Wind SE 12 to 15 knots. Temp 18C
Weather Actual: Clear. No rain. Wind SE 8 knots becoming SW 5 knots- Temp 20C.
Course: 10 [P] – Landfall [S] - Milnerton [S] - #8 [P] – #10 [P]
Seas: Flat with 2.0 swell
Sails: Full Main (Quantum), No.1 Genoa (Quantum), R1 Masthead Asymmetric Spinnaker (Quantum)
Crew: Trygve Roberts (Helm), Charles Crosby (Genoa/Spinnaker), Phillip Rentschler ( Main ), Simon Penso (Pit), Bruce Webber (Mast), Connor Leech (Bow) - Total: 500 kg

With the story earlier in the week about Southern Right whales breaching onto yachts fresh in our minds, we decided we didn't really want to think what a 40 ton whale would do to a one ton Pacer 27.

Another light wind lottery - although it didn't have to be, had the course been kept out of the wind shadow of the mountain. During the last winter storm, the Paarden Island mark had been washed up onto the beach and for some incomprehensible reason it has not been reset by the club. Without that mark, it makes setting courses very difficult and once again, the sailors had to endure light wind and holes with a course set directly into the wind shadow. That was the whinge for the day.

We had a fair start and as always with downwind starts, it makes judging the speed of the boat awkward. We gybed early and headed offshore with the R1 kite up making good speed and putting us in the leading position fairly quickly. We put in about a one mile starboard gybe, and then popped the boat over onto the port gybe when we got a big lift. That maneuver put us almost directly on course for the Landfall mark, but the very large hole in the vicinity of the mark lay in wait, snagging every boat in the fleet into its grip. We did everything in our power to keep the boat moving, crossing the whole fleet on the port gybe, but the slowing down of the leading boats, brought the entire fleet right back together again as if we were starting the race afresh. An L34 was coming up on starboard and it looked dicey whether we would be able to clear them, so we decided to throw in a gybe when we were two boats ahead, which basically brought us to a standstill, whilst the L34 continued on its path carrying considerable way. We called weather boat (very gently) but the L34 then gybed onto port and collided with us (very gently – it was just a kiss on our pushpit) and they called “weather boat” - all of which we found to be very strange tactics. Shouting was unnecessary as both boats were virtually stationary and we could literally reach out and touch their boat. One of us was wrong for sure. Being a fun race, we decided to just leave things be, but the whole saga left us in irons and we would remain in irons for about 4 minutes as the fleet drifted away from us, leaving us facing in completely the wrong direction. By the time we backed the main and managed to get a half a knot boat speed, we were lying stone last. Even the tiny Lavranos mini tonner (LMD) was in the process of overtaking us. Well, well, well!

Then the westerly came through and we quickly got Regent Express up to 6,2 knots and we just managed to round the Landfall mark about 2 boat lengths ahead of the Lavranos LMD. Ahead of us the fleet was spread out all heading DDW down to Milnerton. Up went the spinnaker, followed by a quick gybe and we set off in pursuit, determined to make up some places. Where we found the breeze from, no-one knows, but we started overtaking from the back, carving a path right through the windward side of the fleet and to our delight, found ourselves lying 2nd overall ¾ way down the leg to Milnerton, having overtaken everyone, except for 'Southern Storm' (the new Pacer 376). The L42 “8 Seconds” caught us just before the mark, which was predictable once we sailed into the new south easterly breeze and had to strike the spinnaker, but we had a very good lead on the rest of the fleet and rounded Milnerton buoy comfortably in 3rd place.

From Milnerton to #8 mark, we were faced with a tight fetch and the two big boats ahead of us predictably pulled out some distance on us. After #8 buoy the breeze went very light again and we struggled for a few minutes to keep the boat speed up, but were lucky to find the south easterly again and finished strongly in 3rd place over the line. Despite the ropey course, it was great being out on the bay on a warm Cape winters day. The holes on the bay played themselves out in the results with some of the smaller boats getting good final positions on corrected time. Both Gerie Hegie Jnr (Touch Wood) and Jannie de Goede (LMD) sailed well to take the two top spots.

1 CLUB2 Touchwood L1 ton No 3 H2994 Gerry Hegie 0.995 160942 02:09:42 02:09:03
2 CLUB2 Mighty Lemon Drop L mini ton SA597 Jannie de Goede 0.88 162856 02:28:56 02:11:04
3 CLUB1 Southern Storm Pacer 376 SA4227 Pacer Yachts 1.17 155320 01:53:20 02:12:36
4 CLUB2 Team Macnificent Hitachi L 26 42 Brent Grey 0.955 161912 02:19:12 02:12:56
5 CLUB1 Regent Express Pacer 27 Sport 17 Trygve Roberts 1.08 160346 02:03:46 02:13:40
5 CLUB1 Ocean Cruiser Leisure 42 SA2388 D Kushner 1.155 155836 01:58:36 02:16:59
7 CLUB1 Lapwing L34 10 Keen/Burger 1.015 161516 02:15:16 02:17:18
8 CLUB2 Escape L 26 43 Rodney Tanner 0.955 162407 02:24:07 02:17:38
9 CLUB2 Iechyd Da Muira (fix prop) SA797 Stefaan Hundt 0.91 163206 02:32:06 02:18:25
10 CLUB1 Zebra X332 SA3176 C Papageorge 1.05 161356 02:13:56 02:20:38
11 CLUB2 Hill Billy J 27 SA198 Peter Hill 0.995 162133 02:21:33 02:20:51
12 CLUB1 Morgenster L 34 SA941 J Lamprechts 1.015 162017 02:20:17 02:22:23
13 CLUB1 Tally Ho L34 SA011 J Waller 1.015 162047 02:20:47 02:22:54
14 CLUB1 Necessity Beneteau 34.7 SA4114 D Booth 1.05 161909 02:19:09 02:26:06
15 CLUB2 Cabaray Stadt 34 steel SA2018 Ray Mathews 0.94 163526 02:35:26 02:26:06
16 CLUB2 FTI Flyer Charger 33 SA702 Keith Mattison 0.985 162821 02:28:21 02:26:07
17 CLUB1 Celine IV Comfortina 39 SA3740 V Vierhaus 1.05 162015 02:20:15 02:27:16
18 CLUB2 Chen Muira SA893 Russell Vollmer 0.935 164221 02:42:21 02:31:48
19 CLUB2 Storm Ocean 31 SA1967 Mike Peper 0.95 DNF 143
20 CLUB2 Ava Muira (fix prop) SA818 L Horton 0.91 DNF