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Kling Wines Double-Handed Race - Race 3 - 28th October, 2012

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Course: Start #10 (S) – No.4 (S) – Woodbridge (S) - No.2 (S) - Woodbridge (S) - Finish White (S)
Wind & Seas: Light SW becoming SE (6 - 16 knots). Temp: 23C. Seas flat.
Sails: Full Main (Quantum); No.2 Genoa (Quantum); A-3 Spinnaker (North)
Crew: Charles Crosby, Trygve Roberts. Total Mass: (190 kg)
Max Speed: 9.3 knots
Distance: 9 nm
Position: 3rd (Div 1)
Fleet size: Div 1:10 + Div 2: 10 (20)

About a month ago we tried our first short handed event and were quite surprised to find (a) how much we enjoyed it and (b) how well we did. These races happen about once per month and we feel we can cope providing the breeze stays below 15 knots. With a great looking forecast for the weekend, I made the single phone call to Charles asking him if he wanted to sail. And that is all it takes to organize an entry!

A benign Table Bay
Absolutely perfect conditions greeted the 20 strong fleet on the bay with light, but steady south westerly winds and flat seas. Both divisions got off cleanly in a single start for a short windward leg to the No.4 mark. We had an excellent pin end start and despite crossing behind the only port tacker (Majimoto), we managed to round in 2nd place and quickly got our asso up and drawing. It didn't take long and we were the leading boat, but of course it was a DDW leg, which meant we had to stick in a couple of gybes, which in itself is hard work with only two crew!

We worked our way into the lead and rounded the leeward mark with a respectable lead, followed by Ray of Light, Majimoto and YOLO close behind. The conditions suited us and we were able to defend our lead to the next weather mark (No.2), but the big boats had whittled away a good portion of our lead. The downwind leg presented new opportunities to open up the lead again as we worked the seaward side of the course, which presented better pressure.

Backing breeze
The breeze was backing around into the south on the second run and with it came the dreaded Table Mountain wind shadow which would create trying conditions with calm zones, trying to get to the finish line. We assessed the situation and decided our best option would be to remain in the offshore wind zone and then work our way over to the finish line once up on the layline. The two opposition boats opted to go inshore, but they were both soon becalmed. This was the gamble. Would the southerly swing round into a south easter, or would it remain southerly? In the meantime we had opened up a huge lead as we headed steadily offshore, then tacked on the layline and gingerly headed over in a dying breeze towards the finish line. But the gamble didn't pay off for us, as the two chasing yachts both got into a fresh south easterly and quickly fetched across to quickly eradicate our lead and get ahead of us.

The top three line finishing positions were Ray of Light, YOLO and Regent Express, but on corrected time, things turned out a little differently, with Nuthr Witch (L34) knocking Ray of Light down to 6th place. That left YOLO in 2nd place and we had to be content with a 3rd. This was a lovely race, other than the lottery towards the end, and left one with a warm fuzzy feeling, despite not winning.

RESULTS: (Div 1)
Place - Boat - Design - Rating - (Skipper & Crew) Actual time - Corrected time
1st Nuthr Witch - L34 -Rating 1.015 - (Dave Garrard & Howard Richman) 1.34.04 1.35.29
2nd Yolo - Sunkiss 32 - Rating 1.070 - (Dale Kushner & ian Coward) 1.29.25 1.35.41
3rd Regent Express - Pacer 27S - Rating 1.090 - (Trygve Roberts & Charles Crosby) 1.31.26 1.39.40
4th Lapwing - L34 - Rating 1.015 - (Alan & Mellicent Keen) 1.38.13 1.39.41
5th Mafuta - Bavaria 36 - Rating 1.010 (Matthys Lourens & J.Burhmann) 1.39.06 1.40.05
6th Necessity - Beneteau 34.7 - Rating 1.050 (David & Carol Booth) 1.38.28 1.43.23
7th Ray of Light - Beneteau 44.7 - Rating 1.175 (Mike & heidi Kavanah) 1.28.36 1.44.07
8th Majimoto - Farr 40 - Rating 1.130 (Paul Mare & Lindsay Birch) 1.35.56 1.48.24
9th Wallbanger - Simonis 35 - Rating 1.095 (Kevin Brady & A.Spencer Jones) 1.40.01 1.49.31
10th Viking II - Farr 38 - Rating 1.085 (B.Monteverdi) 1.50.49 2.0.14