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The Regent Express Crew.

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Owner/Skipper:Trygve Roberts (62) RSA

  Mass: 83 kgs
  Married, 4 children
Other Classes sailed: Laser, Windsurfer, Mirror, Sonnet, Theta, Sweet Pea, Microsail, J27, Pacer 27S
Sailing since age 25


Phillip Rentschler (35) RSA

  Main trimmer and/or Halyards (Pitman)
  Mass: 75 kgs
  Occupation: Marine Insurance Underwriter
Married, 2 children
Other Classes sailed: Dabchick, J27, Pacer 27S
Sailing sporadically since age 15
On SWJ & Regent Team 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Charles Crosby (46) RSA

  Main or Genoa trimmer/ Allrounder
  Mass: 105 kgs
  Occupation: Fluid Dynamicist/Engineer
Other Classes sailed: Mirror, Fireball, 505, Active 15, J27, Pacer 27S
On SWJ & Regent Team 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011


Joshua Banks (15) RSA

  Mastman/ Bowman
  Mass: 70 kgs
Other Classes sailed: Optimist, Dabchick, Active 15, 29'er, 420, L26, Pacer 27 Sport
Sailing since the age of 8
On Regent Team 2010/2011


Allesandro Napoli (15) RSA

  Mastman/ Bowman
  Occupation: Scholar
  Mass: 85 kgs
Other Classes sailed: Various classes, Incl L26 and Pacer 27 Sport
Sailing since the age of 12
On Regent Team 2011


Craig Preston (39) RSA

  Halyards/ Pitman or Trimmer
  Mass: 85 kgs
  Occupation: Motor vehicle sales
Married, 2 children
Other Classes sailed: Optimist, Mirror, Laser, Laser 2, Fireball, Intnl. 14, Flamenca, J24, L26, Pacer 27S
On Regent Team 2011