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(Link to the factory/builder) (Link to the Pacer Class Association website) (Link to the Regent Express Blog Spot) (Link to the J27 site – Smackwater Jack)
Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town, South Africa
SailingCentral.Net - A South African focused sailing site
Sailing Anarchy - US focused website.

RCYC - Locating and entering the SCH (4 mins 11 secs) A real time tutorial for visiting yachts HD
How to reef the main sail 101 (3 min 04 secs) A real time tutorial in HD
Puma Twilight Race B No 2 (Jan 2012) (3 min 14 secs) Overview of the second race in B series HD
Sports Boat Drag Race (2min 13 secs) A fun downwind drag race between two sports boats HD
Crocs Summer Regatta 2011 (6 min) Overview of the final race HD.
Crocs Summer Regatta - Race 2 (5min 13 secs) Overview of Race 2 in HD
Puma Twilight Race 9 - 2011 (4min 55 secs) Overview of the race showing light air sailing. HD.
Puma Twilight Race 7 - 2011 (5 min 7 secs) Overview of the race and almost another MOB in HD.
Man Overboard Nov 2011 (3 min 23 secs) Downwind speed sailing, broach and MOB in HD.
Puma Twilight Race 5 2011 (1 min 25 secs) Shows start and first leg of the race in HD.
Spring Regatta 2011 Overview (1 min 7 secs) Short clip of the regatta in HD - Regent Express
Pacer 27 & 376 Promo (4 mins) Shows some great spinnaker footage.
Pacer 27 Planing at 18+ knots:Video #1 (55 Secs) (HD)
Pacer 27 Planing at 18 knots Part 2: Video #2 (12 secs) (HD)